Sunday 17 March 2013

Big things poppin'

 1.Art by Charles Fazzino 2. Kaboom print skirt Topshop 3. Maryna Linchuk by Lacey for Vogue Japan March 2013 4. Philip Lim

So I don't know about you but personally I am loving this pop art trend for ss13. It may not be the most super original trend but what is these days ? Sometimes you just want to slap a bit of colour/print on just for the sake of it! There is plenty of pop art inspired clothing trickling into the shops at the moment but here are my rules for wearing the trend and not letting it wear you...

1."Oh look this pop art skirt has a matching top" BACK UP BACK UP step away from this matchy matchy outfit.While this might be a look an editorial model can rock it might not be the best for you.If you love the statement skirt above from Topshop try it with an electric blue crop top instead of the matching top it comes with.This will make the skirt stand out and will become the statement piece in your outfit.

2.If you don't want to go all out in printed pieces you can still embrace this trend in sunglasses and platform shoes!

3.Another alternative is switching up your make-up, don't worry this doesn't mean applying a hundred tiny dots to your face.Try a bold eye/lip colour or go monochrome with 60's white eyeshadow and fake eyelashes.

and finally...have fun...IF YOU LIKE IT WEAR IT <3


  1. Amazing inspo post! I love it!

    Emma x


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