Sunday 31 March 2013


 Okay so this post is not about Iggy Azalea's music, rap rivals or even her rumoured relationship with Asap Rocky.It is about her immaculate attention to detail, love her or hate her you have to admit her image is flawless. In particular I am a big fan of her make-up which never fails to disappoint with it's super highlighting and contouring into oblivion.Her hairstyle is another thing that I am extremely fond of, she normally rocks a full croydon facelift which I absolutely love because it shows her RAW beauty.

We are always aspiring to achieve that "effortless" look however I for one am not a massive fan of spending time creating a look that leaves me looking slightly dishevelled .Give me early mornings and bright lipstick any day.I love taking pride in my appearance and the art of dressing up properly is one that is slowly diminishing clothing is getting way to casual for my liking,just take a stroll through Primark...


  1. She's amazing isn't she, I'm in awe of her!
    Megan xxx

  2. I LOVE iggy! Shes gorgeous, her body is perfect and love her rapping too! Oh and speaking of ASAP, I think its hilarious how she crossed out her tattoo 'ASAP' on her finger after she broke up with him!! eek!


  3. I love her she's awesome and I love her music and the way she dresses! x

  4. super cool photos! like your blog :)

  5. Urgh she is such a flawless babe. My problem is that when I do my make-up I think "OMG I'm wearing sooo much" but then get out of the house, look in a mirror and look gaunt. Waaah.

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