Friday 25 January 2013

Unlikely style icon in the making ? Miley Cyrus has got our vote !

 If she wanted our attention,she's certainly got it!Last year Miley Cyrus made a dramatic style transformation almost overnight and she doesn't look set to stop shocking us just yet.I didn't feel the need to post pictures of what she used to look like because I am all about the sisterhood!The great thing about being a girl is that when life isn't going your way you can dye your hair,switch up your style and be who ever you want to be!

I think this why I love fashion so much and I have a feeling Miss Cyrus could be a potential style icon in the making if she keeps pulling great outfits like the above out of the bag.It is a brave thing to completely make your self over when in the public eye and I personally am pleasantly surprised with how she looks now and best of all she looks happy and like she's coming into her own now.

Jacob: It showed maturity and was refreshing. Her style as you and I both know has exceeded tremendously, the days when she used to be 'WORST DRESSED', now winning 'BEST' on 'Fashion Police', so we know she's come leaps and bounds from what she originally was. I think she displays a good role model for some, I wouldn't know as of yet as to say she could potentially be a 'fashion icon' but she's heading in the right direction. 

So what do you think of Miley's transformation ?

J&J <3


  1. I think she looks great lately. I'm obsessed with her new hair even though most people don't really like it. I just wish I could rock the pixie cut! x

  2. Miley definitely steps to the beat of her own drum and it shows through her style. I love her hair and her style!

  3. I think her new hair style is really working for her! People are starting to take her more seriously now and are moving on from her Disney past, I love it!! Xx

  4. I love her transformation, I think she's finally found the style she's comfortable with. Gorgeous!
    Megan xxx


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