Sunday 16 December 2012

Irregular choice: Putting the fun back in Footwear

 ...I think I have saved the best til last with these camel inspired wedges! Which pair is your favourite? For many years I have been a fan of Irregular Choice because they are everything I love fun/bright/kitsch and don't take themselves too seriously.The creator of the brand Dan Sullivan has also made a self titled collection where he is pushing the brand aesthetic to the max to create some of the beautiful pieces you see above,see Dans line here.When I'm a super rich proper grown up lady I hope to have a vast IC collection of shoes to swan about in!


  1. Haha, this is great, so cute and fun :D
    I like first one and third one :)

  2. wow the first ones are SO SO SO cool and pretty!!


  3. OMG- I didn't know they made shoes this pretty. The main line is a bit shit. I ADORE the floral ones and the camel ones would be perfect for strutting around Marrakech. x

  4. Those camel ones are soooooo sick! love them!

  5. Irregular Choice shoes are insane in the best way possible. I couldn't pull any of these off and I only own one pair of boots by them but I love them!

  6. I'm not usually a fan of Irregular Choice, mainly because their heels aren't high enough for me! But this first pair are really cool

  7. Oh wow the first pair! I'm in love....
    Megan xxx


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