Wednesday 12 December 2012

New Obsession:Beyonce's Tumblr

Have I been living under a rock? Why have I not seen these photo's until today?!(for those that don't know I am Beyonce's biggest stalker fan).I really respect how she keeps it classy and has chosen not to reveal too much of her personal life....until now!I am excited to announce for those that don't know she has filmed a behind the scenes documentary airing next feb <3 I hope you have enjoyed these pictures,I really love them because they show all the beautiful colours of her personality.

What do you think,are you ready to see THE REAL BEYONCE I know I am !


  1. She's such a babe!
    Megan xxx

  2. great post :)
    would like to follow each other ?:)

  3. Beyonce is a goddess! Love her tumblr:)

  4. I am pretty much ready to be Beyonce's BFF. She is perfect! x

  5. God she is stunning, I have heard about this documentary def going to make sure I remember to watch it. Her & Jay-z are just waaaaaay to cool xx

  6. Actually loveeeee her tumblr!Cannot wait for her documentary to come out!xxx

  7. I can't believe I haven't checked it out yet. Every photo you picked is perfection. Also, thanks for following - I'm following back now xx


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