Sunday 10 February 2013

Simple British Style

Blazer vintage Jaeger (Made in Britian as well which makes me happy) £9 Charity shop / Dress Camden market £15 / Shoes from my beloved Red or Dead /

So quite a different look for me today! Now y'all know I love me a bit of colour and ghettofabulousness but every so often I do like to go for a bit of 'minimal-chic'.Well my version of minimal-chic at least,this is about as plain as I probably get to be honest.You are never going to see me wearing jeans and a t-shirt I am just not that kinda girl.

Any way back to today's outfit I have styled the blazer in three different ways:

1. On the shoulders- Have a gorgeous new blazer but don't want it to swamp your entire outfit? Wear it on your shoulders, it won't fall off therefore showing your gorgeous new purchase as well as the rest of your outfit. I love doing this because it always look retro and is quite handy if your in a chilly restaurant.

2.Skinny waist belt- Now emphasis on the SKINNY, you want it to be a barely-there band literally to nip your waist in slightly without overpowering the actual blazer.This also adds subtly detail to your outfit so be careful to keep your jewellery simplistic in keeping as well.I'm not actually wearing any and have instead opted for a simple bowler hat.

3.Done all the way up- Great for days when you want to be lazy with your outfit underneath, just let your blazer do all the talking.Go for a simple dress or black disco pants look great as well.This creates a cute "boyish" look,keep the hair and make-ultra feminine if you don't won't to wade too far into the androgynous zone.

Hope you like this outfit,I would love to know what you think about this different look for me!


  1. love love love your style

  2. I love outfits like this very 60's, I love that look! x

  3. Oh I love this - especially the flash of colour in the shoes x

  4. love this outfit, you look stunning!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  5. Great look and fantastic blazer- it seems perfect in all 3 ways.
    Love your shoes

  6. I adore your style, especially the blazer! Youre so gorgeous

    A little bit Unique


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  7. Your shoes are outstanding. Love this look!

  8. Love the twist you gave this classic outfit with that awesome shoes!! Really looooving the shoes!

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