Sunday 27 January 2013

Owl Bag Fox Dress

 Dress Topshop £60 / Bag Amsterdam market £20 / Earrings Primark £1 / Cardigan Red Herring £12

Hey gurlz whats up ? If the length of my roots are making you feel slightly sick,fear not I have actually dyed my hair almost black today! It was meant to be dark brown but has actually come out more black so I now resemble a witch :/ Now y'all know me I like a bargain and I mean this dress was kinda a bargain as it was originally marked £130...but yeah I know £60 is pretty steep but come on its hand painted! It's from TOPSHOP's limited edition collection and is also leather,so a cute little woodland creature look today hope you like! :)


  1. You look so pretty and I love your bag! x

  2. Your hair looks amazing! And i love your boots xx

  3. That bag makes me want to book myself a flight to Holland IMMEDIATELY! A fantastic outfit all round :)

    Jo x

  4. I Loooooove your dress! And your hair looks amazing!! I need your lipstick too what is it?? XX

    1. Thank you my love! It's actually an old rimmel one thats running out I'm thinking of trying a new one if anyone can recommend? xx

  5. you look amazing...the print on that dress is so cool x

  6. 1. Give me your wardrobe
    2. Give me your hair
    Megan xxx

  7. oh this outfit is gorgeous! xx

  8. I love your outfit, the bag is so cute!
    Also love your lipstick!

    -Lucy xox

  9. that owl bag is so cute! you're so beautiful!


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