Sunday 10 February 2013

You Can Never Take Away My Leather

Yo Yo Yo! What's up? What's up? It's time to get busy, so lets kick this shit... 

O.U.T.F.I.T = You Can Never Take Away My Leather

Howdy all! Another deconstruction on my apparel for this this weeks post. Clearly one of my main and most elaborate pieces for this look of choice was the O so loved 'Leather Coat'. One of my most favoured garments I have purchased to date, £8 from a charity shop, precisely 'British Heart Foundation, what a steal?! 

This 80's take on Aztec printed shirt was another purchase from Rokit, I can't recall the exact price, but regardless it is a definite statement piece for your wardrobe. Especially for this season, it seems shirts have been given the lime light.

Unforgivably I am displaying the same denim and boots from previous times, this is due to me having to start work after the mornings duties. Don't worry, it will just give you more to look forward too ;)

Happy Hunting my fellow blog heads. 


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