Thursday 18 April 2013

Nipple Cripple


Long time coming.... I THINK SO!

So once again, many components to this outfit, lets start with the top half this time; so instead of being bland and wearing my traditional work gear I arrived rocking this beauty of a t-shirt which possesses the imagery of 'nipple tassels' :) This is of course created by one of my favourite designers 'House Of Holland', layered above this I decided to go with just the casual checked flannel shirt which I discovered in a vintage Brighton boutique for £5! On top for a bit of gangsta lovin, I threw on my 'Topshop Unique' hoodie which will always be a handy timeless statement. 

Bottom half included a pair of blue denim jeans just from 'Topman', which are happily comfortable and yet able to style in multiple functions. Now on to my socks... :) today I had on two pairs, yes TWO! First pair being a light shade of pink which I recently purchase at 'Uni Qlo', four pairs for £9.90... I think it was AMAZING! For some more hoodness, I added on a pair of 'Puma' ankle socks, I don't generally wear two pairs, just a matter of needing too with these trainers as they are just a tad on the big side for my ickle feet. Best for last, these bad boys are of course 'Adidas', I've had these for yearrrrrrs. Found them in the adidas store in Portsmouth, not even sure if it's still there :s I've not seen anyone else in these gems to date ;-) 

That's it kids, Enjoy your weekend yo! PEACE OUT.



  1. The two socks trend will catch on- it just makes sense like wearing two pairs of tights or two jackets when it's cold.
    Cool look x

  2. Love the post
    your addidas is a limited addition design of a Hacienda collaboration :)

  3. love that t-shirt and the boots! thats whats up!

    Myra x

    Alluring Style


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