Friday 25 January 2013

Your face is your fortune:New Romantic style make-up

 The 80's new romantic era is a particular favourite of mine,mostly due to the fact we have not seen outrageous/beautiful make-up like it since.These days if we want to see striking make-up we have to look to a high fashion show or Mac campaign,gone are the days we could walk out of our front door and witness such a sight.I love how it was such a battle to stand out from the crowd and everyone made such an innovative effort,I would love to see over the top make-up like this come back in fashion.It is a true extension of who you are and how you want the world to see you, screw what your boyfriend thinks !

Next time you go to put a bit of pink lippie on,why stop there?Try going for your eyebrows as well!The topic for this post came about as me and Jacob (and the rest of the world) love a bit of people watching in Starbucks and we couldn't help but feel people have become wayyyy too casual these days!I recently bought a book just filled with pictures of 90's clubbing photo's and people were still making an effort then just like the new romantics in the 80's but it does feel slightly like it's dying out,could we bring it back please?

Jacob : I'm totally digging this concept about 90's clubbing being reborn, or the matter of  should it be reincarnated. The scene needs to be brought back, and perhaps this year is the year to do it; with the trend being 'Personal Style' and all. New Romatics is one of my favs, other than punk, so flamboyant and creative with not only make-up but with clothing, it showed a true spirit of creativity which allowed others to bounce off of and let designs of today be born from.



  1. I love how over the top 80s makeup is! Its one of my favourites to recreate because you can go a bit mad! xx

  2. Wow nice post - I've a surprise - I've mentioned your blog already in my latest post about my 80s repro earrings collection(o.k. I've made & put three posts today) - hope you'll visit my blog soon again:)

    Wish you and Jacob all the best!



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