Monday 18 March 2013

Ima Cut You

HOWDY! So here I am yet again in the shirt / jumper combo, I do broaden from this style, I swear, just normally tends to be done on working days.
So this purple wonder worn on top is from 'GAP'... naturally, as is the shirt for that matter. Concentration on the necklace, this is a razor blade, don't worry, tis not real, just makes me look hardcore. This was a little gem I found in 'TOPMAN', very handy for a little something extra.
As per usual we have my GAP jeans combined with some of my new favourite socks, these are a marl grey ribbed pair, came in a pack of 5 also from TOPMAN, other colour include mint green / sky blue / mushroom / pink  They are recent and still in store!
Shoes are from 'Zara', they were a lucky find in the sale, apologies as I can't recall how much exactly... I'm gonna say around £20? They fit so snug in a bug, perfecto!


  1. I love the jumper it's such a nice colour!

    Emma x

  2. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    I love the razor blade necklace it's really cool and subtle :) great look I can't resist a look with the cuffs of the jeans rolled up :)
    The pop art/comic look is fantastic- the best looks at LFW centred around this :) the skirt is a particular favourite x

  3. You look amazing! I wish I could get some of my guy friends to hop into what your wearing.

  4. omg! The last picture is very good! hehe =)
    I love the purple blouse and the wall made ​​everything beautiful!


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