Sunday 10 February 2013


 Is it me or did Clarissa off of 'Clarissa explains it all' have THE BEST WARDROBE EVER ? If you have no idea what I'm talking about please check the series out on Youtube it is totally worth it just for the clothes. Any way this post is actually about scrunchies and me wanting to seriously invest in some to rock this look!

 Have you seen any great places to get some? We have seen them all over the catwalk recently in cute fly away styles, however I would love to style one in a big ole' chunky pony tail, I was actually quite close to buying a fake one in Claire's Accessories the other day...


  1. Gosh, Clarissa is a blast from the past - used to love that show, and Sabrina! xxx

  2. I wish I had long hair to rock a scrunchie!
    Megan xxx

  3. I live in velvet green scrunchies! They're great because they don't tear your hair xx

  4. I bought mine from Wilkinson -they had the perfect velvet one! They're really soft on you hair so in love in them now my hair had grown and sleep in them too x

  5. AMAZING! Clarissa, what a class blast from the past :) Cool blog, haven't come across a guy and girl combo yet, unique! We'll give you a coy little wave on Twitter :)

    Fi (by Laura & Fi)


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