Friday 25 January 2013

My dream brand : NYMPHA

 Through the wonders of Twitter I recently stumbled across this new brand NYMPHA and I am OBSESSED.They have truly hit the nail on the head when it comes to innovative styling and beautiful attention to detail.It reminds me of  the whole Azealia/mermaid look ,however with a fresh take on it with raunchy jewel encrusted suspenders,whats not to love?I would love to dress up in any one of these pieces,piled down with jewellery and drag queen make-up mmmmmm dreamy.

Now Jacob is a hard man to please and is especially skeptical when it comes to up and coming brands,but when I showed him this he said "I very much approve, definitely stands out to me, they have a unique edge yet I can still see pieces being commercial, such as the embellished shorts, reminds me of 'bitching and junk food'. STANDOUT PIECES for me include :- The musky pink velvet tuxedo jacket - the skirts are idyllic, both black leather + Blue. - The multicoloued biker jacker. Got a good brand concept going on there, got a niche going on, definitely a market. "

What do you think ? 


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