Sunday 24 February 2013

It's Prada Darling...


So this outfit was a complete eclectic mixture of finds and purchases. Lets just say I was feeling experimental :) Which is NEVER a bad thing. 

One of the main pieces that may stand out to you might just be my top half... I adopted this baby only the other week, from a charity shop naturally 'Sue Ryder', and it was £1 YES £1!, this luminescent beauty is like a wind breaker. It's combination of neoprene cuffs and neck collar was heaven, I love elasticity that maintains it's natural form. 

This was an outfit of layers... one of my reasons for loving winter. Underneath my baby I had on a turtle neck jumper which I picked up in the sale from 'Zara'; a middy white vintage stunner which is great for wearing for a more couture feel as well as ethnic ;-) I found this handy contraption in Brick Lane.

Moving on down the body, I thought I should tone at least some part down a bit, so I decided to throw on my black jodhpurs of which I found a few years back at 'Clothes Show Live' whilst my crew were having photos taken with George Lamb :'( but hey ho I'm not complaining :P 

On to the feet, following on from my major sock 'fetish', I added another pop of colour with a splash of happy red fishnet ankle socks, I LOVE these socks, I also own these in Turquoise + Fuchsia :). Now last but evidently certainly not least, we have my shoes... the one and only PRADA. I thought these were a myth until I actually witnessed them in the flesh, I had to  obviously try on every pair, every colour before I went for my final choice. These will be timeless and was worth all my hard days work to save up for them! :) 

Holla out ya'll! 



  1. Love both of your outfits, so original and love the coloirs going on! x

  2. so nice shoes . nice blog . i like it
    Parfum pas cher.


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