Thursday 31 January 2013



So there are a few movies in the pipeline which I am O so excited about, all to their own hold very different story lines. Fantasy being the major subject though. Starting off with...

'Wreck-It Ralph' - When I first had a glimpse at the trailer for this I nearly collapsed... hold on, let me rewind that statement. When I first saw Bowser in the trailer for this film I nearly asphyxiated. That's all I needed to see to know this was going to be another huge follow up from the classics by 'Pixar'. From a minimal approach, this film is ultimately about an arcade villain wanting to rebel against his traditional game mode and become the hero he truly wishes to be. Hitting the big screen on February 8th, GO AND WATCH THIS! I can't wait! 

'Beautiful Creatures' - So I first saw this film advertised on the trailers while at the cinema, it's fair to say it got me highly eager to find out the release date, it seemed to have such a 90's vibe about it, think... 'The Craft' but revamped! It has magical powers and domineering females which are enough for me to purchase my ticket...don't know about you?! Another MUST SEE for me. Looks very elegant while keeping that dark witch theme streaming throughout it.

Loving how retro this year is becoming, video game related animations and a contemporary gothic witch related movies... HEAVEN.

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